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The inexplicable charisma of the rival

Just me.
7 March 1970
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This is what we did before we had FaceBook. Some of us are still around.
5.25 inch diskettes, 78s, 8-tracks, aaaahhh i am dieing!, anagrams, art cars, artcars, bachelor pad music, better living through chemistry, big secrets, black velvet paintings, brainiac, bruce haack, cargo cults, caroliner, cat pants, cats, chuck palahniuk, cocktails, columbus, cornell woolrich, cory mcabee, count olaf, cult films, dandelion genocide, dismemberment plan, dumpster diving, eartha kitt, einsturzende neubauten, ephemerality, evil dead, gang of four, gene pitney, generating gravitons, getting lost, ghost towns, gil mantera's party dream, guy's butt, henry darger, herschell gordon lewis, hipfux, hypothetical questions, indie rock, jim thompson, john frum, john waters, jon stewart, lemony snicket, libraries, liquid sky, lounge music, magnetic fields, mangoes, marc almond, matt ruff, might magazine, miss katrina, momus, nick cave, obsolete technology, operation re-information, outsider art, pansy division, pants, pantspantspants, persona au gratin, pj o'rourke, plate of shrimp, poll-trolling, pranks, punk cooking, quasi, road trips, roy_orbison_wrapped_in_clingfilm, russ meyer, san francisco, satire, schadenfreude, scott walker, seattle, seven's syndrome, soft cell, sohu, spacefood, stephin merritt, stripcreator, stripcreator.com, tattoos, the billy nayer show, the daily show, the dube, the forbidden zone, the onion, the_part_where_the_rhino_puts_out_the_fire, thrift stores, thrifting, throat sprockets, tiki, tobor, tom waits, transgressive literature, vanuatu, wayne butane