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fascinating new meme: True Confessions

orobouros noted this phenomenon in his lj:

these two people have started a "go ahead, confess something" thread by turning off the IP address log and allowing anonynmous postings:


At least one of the threads is "closed" now, as in you can no longer post anonymously in that LJ. Take a look at some of the confessions. Fascinating stuff. The typical confession is something along the lines of "I don't really love/am cheating on my partner", "I have fantasies about {x}" or "I'm really unhappy with my life/my self", but there were a few that really floored me, especially the "I've killed in self defense twice, but maybe I caused the situation to escalate so I was forced to do it" one. I know there are websites that allow anonymous confession postings already, but to see it within the world of LJ, plus the fact that some of these are undoubtably friends of the person whose LJ the confessions are posted in makes it a lot more "real" to me.

Anyway, if anyone else wants to play, I've turned off IP logging and you can post anonymously. I'll even post some (anonymously) if y'all do. Obviously, I'm not going first, but whoever goes first, no one will know either way.

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