Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

last few days type of post

Was ill on Thursday, possibly with the same thing that waylaid (huh huh, huh huh) gal-pal Rhonda on Wednesday. Took Thursday off from work and did nothing.

Friday was "dentist and doctor appt" day. Two things I learned:

1) There is a female human being named "Plush". She is a dental assistant. She must be a tolerant and loving human being, as she is not in jail for matricide, like I would be if my parents had named me something like this.

2) You know you are getting older when: you are at the girl doctor for your routinue annual checkup thingy. It is your first time to visit this doctor, therefore he doesn't know anything about your history at all. He has established you are single and 32, and therefore insists that you have a blood test for.....cholesterol levels.

I dunno, it just struck me as funny. I like to think I'm at that age where I should be more worried about STDs than cholesterol and heart disease, but maybe not. I guess this means carving sex toys out of sticks of butter is probably a bad idea.

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