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When a man loves a woman, he nales the bich!!*

*in-joke, don't fret if it's not funny to you.

One of my straight male LJ friends seems to be deathly afraid of anything going into his ass. That's okay, but I'm wondering, is it more painful than certain other alternatives? I'm also wondering what the gender disparity will be in the following poll (if any).

For the purposes of this poll, assume that
1) you would be with a partner of your usual preference (if you are a straight male, assume your partner has a strap on handy if you choose option 1)
2) assume you partner will not make the experience deliberately more painful than it is already
3) assume that either choice is for the same duration (lets say, 20 minutes).
4) if you choose option 2, assume you are naked and there are no "sheets" on the bed of nails.

Poll #73850 The sex and pain poll

Of these options, which is the least unpleasant idea (assuming you had to experience one or the other?)

Being fucked in the ass.
Being fucked on a bed of nails, where you are on the bottom.

You can probably guess who I was talking to when the idea for this poll came up. hint: he's the only LJ user on my friends list who might have had the opportunity to try option 2, were he and his GF so inclined.

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