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a few pics of costumes at work.

here's gal-pal Rhonda as Peter Pan:

We had a costume contest over lunchtime, and I didn't see this one in time to vote it "scariest":

This bright yellow horror is an IKEA workshirt (a thrift purchase, of course), with a logo on the chest and back. Jules has altered his nametag to read "Ingmar" for the day.

I didn't have any clever ideas for a work appropriate costume this year (Rhonda thought the postal uniform and watergun was prolly a bad idea in today's post-sniper climate), so I just wore one of my vintage boy scout shirts (1968, older than me!) and matching pants and wore my hair down.

Not a great pic, but oh well. I am holding a book titled "Hostage Taking". I was saddened to discover it is not a how-to book.

TMI fact about vintage scout shirts? The way the pockets are sewn, if you're a girl and wearing the shirt without a bra, the seam will rub you unpleasantly for HOURS. By the end of the day, my nipples felt like they'd been sandpapered.

hey, I said it was TMI.

It occured to me that most of my past Halloween costumes have been drag. Last year at work, I was Chairman Kaga from Iron Chef (note the userpic). The year before, I dressed as my co-worker Jeff, who was famous for his skinny ties and satorial excellence.

Other Halloween costumes I've had as an adult include a Resident (still have the paper maiche eyeball head and the tux jacket), Rik from the Young Ones, and member of Devo (yellow raincoat + red "energy dome", aka "The flowerpot"). Only two I can recall (harem girl, 1988, and member of the "Family Circus", 1999) were female. Maybe part of this is because I've done so many group costumes, but it's kinda funny when I reflect on it.

The funny part was when I had to teach a computer class of probation-department offenders while dressed as a Boy Scout, but that's a story for another time.

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