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Electroclash is the new Digital Hardcore

Went to the Electroclash tour tonight at the EMP (aka "Frank Gehry no longer allowed to make sandwiches for grandkids", for you Onion fans) in Seattle.

The verdicts:

Electroclash is the new Digital Hardcore. By that I mean, you'll be listening to W.I.T. as often in 2007 as you listen to Atari Teenage Riot in 2002.

I have now lived long enough to see the following cycle repeat itself at least 3 times:

10 innovative band ( for example Devo or Tubeway Army/Gary Numan) appears and is embraced by cognescenti
20 band falls out of popular favor among hipsters due to "dated" style vs. the innovative sound of new contemporary (post-punk, hip hop, grunge, neo-lounge, alt-country, etc) musical movement
30 a decade or so later, hipsters pull out 15-20 year old records and decide they're still good
40 "new" music influenced by groups mentioned in 1) is created
50 GOTO 20

There's electroclash for you. In 2002, New Order is no longer a guilty pleasure. In between sets, Technotronic's "Pump up the Jam" was played, apparently non-ironically.

It's not that the music is bad (well, with one exception, but we're getting there)- it's that the idea that New Order's "Perfect Kiss" is now ancient enough history to be sample-able had me feeling...what's the word....old.

the bands:

Tracy and the Plastics- one woman video performance art. kinda odd, but fun. would see again.

W.I.T- from Williamsburg. Brooklyn. cute girls in gold lame'. One of the blondes has a terrible haircut (and it's NOT the one with the Farrah-style flip). They dance like robots. Did unneccesary cover of the Cars' "Just what I needed". Would not pay to see again, but wouldn't leave the room if they were on the bill.

Chicks on Speed. - faux Germans, reminded me of Au Pairs. Some parts really good. They seem way old to be making this music. They make their own ugly clothes from leather scraps. Would pay $5 to see again if I didn't have to drive 40 miles.

Peaches- Canadian booty rapper with permed mullet. T. says "I hope that's not her real hair". Me too. We left after 3 songs- I'd already heard her CD, and live was nothing special, especially since we'd already had to sit through an intro recording of her (?) rapping over "Enter Sandman", which was gruesome. Would pay $10 for the opportunity to leave any room she was performing in.

Notice that all the bands feature women. This maybe explains the high percentage of really gorgeous punk lesbian chicks at the gig. Contrast this with, say, Tribe 8's fan base, and it's a pleasant surprise. Especially if there's going to be lots of making out on either side of you throughout the gig.

You know, even if I could have predicted Livejournal in 1991, I don't think I'd ever have predicted that I'd have reason to type the name "Technotronic" anywhere within it in 2002.

Prediction: in 5 years, Dee-lite will be hailed as "ahead of their time".

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