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In which I inquire: "Have you ever had an Egyptian Feast?"

I meant to write about this weeks ago, but never did. So how about now?

When my friends K & T went on vacation to Florida, K phoned Herschell Gordon Lewiswho he'd never met, and told him how much he liked his films. I guess this doesn't happen to Herschell that often, and he was very flattered by the praise and invited K & T to his (apparently opulent) house for a short visit.

The story has a nice ending, of the "famous person turns out to be a nice guy, charming, and polite/accomodating to his fans" type. He posed for a few pictures, and Herschell autographed K's copy of the "Eye Popping Sounds of Herschell Gordon Lewis" CD. I believe he also gave them directions to the hotel where the infamous "tongue scene" in Blood Feast was filmed- the hotel is still standing, btw.

But my favorite part of this story is the oh-so-stalky way that K got HGL's phone number:

He looked in the phone book. High tech, eh?

I just tried it online, and found an "H. Lewis" in the proper town, and the little mapquest map included in the listing shows the address is on the edge of a country club, so I guess that's the correct one. K. had used the "dead tree" phone book, since he somehow knew ahead of time which community HGL resides in, but I think its so damn cool that someone with as huge a cult following as HGL is still in the phone book, answers his own phone, and invites strangers over to visit.

Also, "Blood feast 2" has apparently premiered in Europe and was well received (or at least, thats what HGL reported to K). I'm looking forward to it, even if it sucks, and not just because John Waters has a small part in it.

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