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My thing about my last name

I have a unique name. There are people with my first name, and people with my last name, but if there's another human being out there that shares both of my names with me, they have escaped the scrutiny of the World Wide Web. It's not like my name is something as improbable as "Snoop Diddy Rabinowitz", but it's an odd combo of two ethnicities that don't do a lot of interbreeding, so it's almost like being named Snoop Diddy Rabinowitz, or perhaps, Chauncey Al-Hajib.

So I am somewhat (okay, make that very) secretive about revealing my last name to people who don't already know it through other means. If you do a google search of my legal name, you will find exactly 4 hits: the first two are an editorial (and a mirror URL) I wrote to a newspaper (in the mid 90s) that I didn't know archived its content online, and the other 2 are other people writing about me that didn't have the knowledge/sense to call me by my preferred moniker of "lara7", and thus used my real name instead.

Whereas if you do a search on "lara7", you get (today) 587 hits, the first 6 of which are really me. You also get a lot of Tomb Raider gifs (typically following lara6.gif, etc) and information about Lara Flynn Boyle, who is not me, although I am about her age (17 days older), and we do seem to have the Age-Inappropriate Romance thing in common (although Jack Nicholson is older than my boomer by a mind-boggling 14 years, which means Ms. Boyle is either way more open-minded than me, or way more fucked up).

Note to cyberstalkers attempting to google me: The pages you get that are in foreign languages= not me. The pages where someone has written fan fiction indexed under "lara7"=not me. Anything that comes up with "lara7" and "naked"in close proximity=not me, and is instead some Lara Croft hack created by someone with lots of time on their hands.

Looking at my friends list, I know that these people know my real last name:

3 of you have worked with me (at two different jobs in two different states)
1 of you has lived with me (and is still speaking to me! yay!)
2 of you went to high school with me
5 of you, have, at some point in your lives, kissed me in THAT way

(note: some people are in more than one category)

5 of you don't fit into any of the above categories, but know me in real life and I think you know my last name, but I could be wrong.

so thus, a poll. Most of you I already know whether you know or not, but some of you I'm curious about and can't honestly remember if I told you or not. At least one of you has asked, so that you can reformat your AIM list, and even though you might one day go on the "Jews I would do" list, I'm not ready to confess my surname to you at this point.

Poll #68685 the lara7 sekrit identity poll

Assuming that I know who you are (ie, I read your LJ, or you read mine), do you know my REAL last name?

Yeah, I know your real last name, and I can even spell it correctly.
I've seen your real last name, but I prolly can't spell it correctly.
I have no clue what your real last name is.
I don't know you at all, I just like voting in random polls.

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