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The wrap up. There will also be dead pets.

so after Artcarfest, I set off on my own to visit old friends, and to do some of the Bay area things I had either never done, or hadn't done in awhile.

first stop, the Musee Mechanique, where one of Santo's buddies will kick your ass:

This is truly a magic place, and it's in danger of being closed, though I've heard it's going to be moved to the tourist hell that is Pier 39. So if you find yourself in SF in the next few months, you should go. The Camera Obscura is cool as well, although it's hard to look at it and NOT think you're watching a video feed, since the picture is so smooth and steady. I took some video, had an odd "moment" conversing with a handsome stranger who was also there to videotape the machines, and then went on my way to...

A military pet cemetery.

It's in rather bad repair, but it's pretty fascinating. The Presidio is an old military base that has long since been open to the public, and the pet cemetery isn't well known, though it's pretty easy to find if you look at the "you are here" map when you enter the Presidio.

Our beloved Adolf:


sleeping concrete cats:




misc graves:


collaged tombstone:


"Snafu" and the pet beloved by the Mange family:


The love these animals gave will never be forgotten:


After this, I went to visit my ex-boyfriend, and by extension, my old apartment.

It will tell you something about San Francisco rents and leases that my name is still on the mailbox next to my ex's despite the fact that 1) I left the city 5 years ago 2) my ex and his girlfriend moved away from the mainland USA for over a year while he sublet to the roommate that replaced me 3) my ex ("GM") has been happily married for about 2 years now (to the girlfriend I just mentioned).

Like one of those wacky French sex comedies where someone has to marry their gay first cousin, it is necessary for the purpose of rent control that I still "live" there. GM's wife is practical about this and doesn't seem bothered by the fact that I "live" there and she doesnt. Nonetheless, it was very strange to be back. I saw some of the furniture/dishes I left behind when I moved to Ohio, and remembered some of the idiosyncrasies of the apartment, like the fact that there's a toilet paper dispenser on either side of the toilet, for no apparent reason. Given the personnel changes in the apt over the last 5 years, it was surprising to see what was still there, especially since GM and wife jettisoned a lot of stuff when they left the lower 48. But then they came back, the "placeholder" roommate left, and I'm sleeping on the futon in what used to be our living room.

Did I start having weird "what might of been" glimpses into the past and start bemoaning the course my life took?

Well, what do you think?

Okay, maybe a little. I got a bit introspective and nostalgic and started wondering what the next 5 years would hold. Being that I've only lived in Washington 7-8 months and things aren't so stable right now, I decided this was a bad thing to think about at the moment.

GM is doing well. I like his wife, though she's different enough from me its hard to believe we both fell in love with the same man. Or maybe you can argue that given the enormous changes me and GM both went thru in the 90's, that he isn't the same man at all.

Aside to Drexle, all others ignore if you don't understand what the hell I'm talking about:
Drex, if you're reading, this is "you" I'm talking about. :-)

Next morning I hung out with GM some more, dropped him off at work, and then went thrifting on the peninsula. I wanted to go to The San Jose tech museum, but luckily I stopped by a library to check my email and get directions to the tech museum. That's when I found out it'd been closed for renovations for the last month and wouldn't be open again til next week. I felt very clever that I'd avoided a Wallyworld -type fiasco before driving 30-60 minutes down to SJ. yay!!

Then I went to Pollywog pond, where simbuttercup and palecur graciously hosted a good pizza and bad movies party in honor of my brief return to the Bay Area. Attending were shoutingboy, rdiamond and ronebofh, and also Randy and kEvin who do not get little people icons next to their names as they are not on LJ. Also attending were Battlefield "please, Ami, make it stop!" Earth and Manos, "are they just going to drive around in that convertible for the entire film?" the Hands of Fate. We "watched" all of Manos, but as the great critic once said, It's no Nude for Satan.

Then I went to sleep on shoutingboy's futon, who bribed me with granola snax and old computer parts (to stick on my car) to say how nice and clean his apartment is. Okay, he didn't really bribe me, but I did notice that the place was suspiciously tidy, and that all his aquarium fish are alive. Hmm. I suspect a pact with the devil, or perhaps a maid service.

The next morning, we had a leisurely breakfast, and then I set off on the way back home.

It was a two day drive in which nothing much happened, unless you count the depressive moment I had as I entered Oregon and it -immediately- started raining as I was listening to a Scott Walker tape and then "Big Louise" came on, and I started getting PROFOUNDLY sad, as if this song were trying to tell me something about my future*. I got over it eventually, arrived home and slept in my bed for something like 10 hours. it was bliss.

*futch later told me this song is about a transvestite. That doesn't make it less sad, but it does make me identify with it a whole lot less, which improves my mood quite a bit.

a post of photos is likely to follow. but for now, bed

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