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my biography, now in easy to read comic book form!

One of the places I hang out online is stripcreator.com. It lets you make comics with preset art, so that, in the words of Jon Stewart, you only have to provide the funny.

There was recently a Comic contest to do "The story of your life" in serial comic form. It was an interesting exercise, trying to figure out what to include and what to exclude, and how to make it tie together.

Anyway, here's mine if anyone wants to read it. It's 17 strips long, but they load pretty fast:


the last strip ends with a running joke from the site. Therefore, it will only be funny if you've already seen this strip:


Anyway, there it is. It felt a little odd being "confessional" on a site that wasn't LJ, which might be why I feel compelled to link to the series here as well.

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