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How Karma works- a case study

RC managed to get next weekend off and invited me for a visit at the beach house. Unfortunately, I work every other Saturday, and guess which one this fell on?

So I asked coworkers to switch with me (we do this all the time). The first 3 all had prior plans, and the one who was off was off on Tusday. I asked him Wednesday, and he said he'd check his calendar at home and let me know.

I figured he was gonna say no, since it's just 8-9 days notice and he really has no motive other than pure altruism to switch with me. But in fact, today he said yes, so my beach getaway will be happening. and he even took a "rain check" for me switching a saturday with him, meaning that I get the NEXT THREE weekends in a row off. Cool!

Then, when I got home, local friend T had called, needing a ride to the airport next week. Around Midnight. When I have to work the next day at 9am. The airport's about 30-45 minutes each way.

Of course I said yes, and even agreed to pick her up when she returns. Arter all, you don't want to taunt or provoke karma.

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