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In which my mom gets all cyber

I've been meaning to write about this for awhile, but haven't had the chance.

My mom loves to play cards. Always has. She and my dad played bridge when I was a kid, and I sometimes wonder why they never had another kid so that there'd be four for bridge when we grew up.

Mom retired last year, and aside from doing the gardening and reading and other retired mom stuff, she's been going online to play Spades or Hearts. She tends to play late at night, so often her fellow players are Europeans or Australians or others for whom it's not the middle of the night.

Whilst playing or waiting to play, there's a chat window. Having been raised by card players, I know that social banter is part of the fun of playing cards. Typing rather than speaking while playing cards isn't so much my idea of fun (mainly becasue I'm such a slow, poor typist), but I can see the appeal. I like cards too, but more in real life face to face situations. I know. Call me old fashioned.

So mom has struck up all these online friendships with folks from who-knows-where. There's one person she particularly enjoys chatting with, a woman in the Netherlands who's about my age. This girl has been teaching my mom fun words in Dutch, exchanging witty banter, etc.

Mom probably chats with this girl more times a week than I talk to her. Somehow, this disturbs me a tiny bit, maybe because it seems like some sorta empty nest replacement foreign daughter thing. When she told me about her friend, I thought back to my first days on the net in 92 and 93, meeting people off of music mailing lists and the odd thrill of being able to say "Hey, I'll be at the {band A} gig in {city B} on {date C} if anyone wants to say hi" and actually making real-life friends with people this way. I could digress on "How the internet has changed my social life over the last ten years" here, but I won't, cuz I'm assuming some aspects of that are universal.

Well, the new wrinkle is that mom's Dutch friend is coming to visit the States (first time) in fall and will be staying with mom and my stepdad.

Part of me thinks its cute that my mom is so cyber. Part of me worries that her friend is some horrible geek that can't make friends in her own country and will turn out to be a horrible bore and my mom will be disappointed.

And there is the part of me that thinks little Dutch card fiend will go nuts and kill mom's dog and freak out and make my mom sad. I hope this doesn't happen, of course. But there's that little part of me that suspects the worst out of people. Especially foreign European weirdos. {heh}

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