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Once you chat with Alex, you'll be making up couplets

You've of course heard the old saying, "Once you go black, you'll never go back?"

Well, what's the appropriate pithy platitude for the Summer of the Age-Inappropriate Romance*?

Who better to ask than lara7 and fidelity_astro?

Fidelity Astro: once you go AARP, you've no reason to carp!
lara7seven: once you go geezer, you'll sell back your Weezer!
Fidelity Astro: once you go saggy, you'll find young men faggy!
lara7seven: Once you go matron, you'll ignore the cute waitrons!
Fidelity Astro: once you go phibes, you'll be innundated with ageist jibes!
lara7seven: once you go fossil, you'll be feeling colossal!

Shared these with my pal Obi, who contributed:

Once you go senior, you'll wave bye to young weiner!
Once you go oldy, your vibrator will get moldy!

*hey look, it's got an acronym: SAIR.

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