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2 days and one emergency room visit later...

I am way sick. Went home early from work on Tuesday with chills and sore limbs (I felt so bad I couldn't even drive my car); when Lemur came by later that night to check on me, he insisted that I should see a doctor right then because I "looked like death warmed over". normally I hate going to the emrgency room for anything, because you always get out-triaged by the people who are unconscious, beaten, in car accidents, etc., but I was feeling so terrible, even after having slept for 6-7 hours, that I thought I might be having some weird kidney thing or appendicitis. my entire abdomen feels like it's been punched and is bruised. My limbs feel atrophied, walking is difficult. had 100.8 fever, which I think finally broke today (I woke up from one of my many naps drenched in sweat despite having the A/C at 65 degrees.

anyway, the docs said it was a stomach virus, and virus means of course, no drug therapy to fix it. day 2 of this is different, but no better than, day 1. I have to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes, and my stomach still feels like I just ate 3 burritos in 10 minutes. All I've managed to eat is fruit and soup. and of course, the cats are concerned that i'm not well, but they keep wanting to show their sympathy by lying on my stomach. argh.

well, this certainly puts my other problems into perspective. hard to be upset about HFW's and ex-boyfriends when you can't even stand up straight.

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