Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

It's the summer of the age-inappropriate drunken phone conversation!

(not to be confused with the summer of the age-inappropriate romance)

well, tonight took an unexpected turn when fidelity_astro IM'ed me (which I don't believe he'd ever done before) and, after a few garbled typings, implored me to phone him, as he was recovering from a night of alcohol abuse and was feeling chatty, but couldn't type well under the circumstances and couldn't speak to his beloved, who is off in Denver.

Well, it's not often men I only know via their LJs implore me to call them (and I have the cell minutes anyway, so it's not like it costs me anything extra) to chat about whatever, so I was a little apprehensive, but young Alex politely badgered me into it by promising to be witty, though not as witty as if he were sober. I said I'd give it a shot, but if he failed to come through with the wit and entertainment value, I'd be cutting it short.

Anyway, it was fun. We compared notes on the summer of the age-inappropriate romance, I learned the rule of "divide by 2 and add 7", and got to trade our favorite "dating old people" barbs. I astonished both him and myself by being able to supply the first name of a former Mayor of New Orleans that Alex is related to (they have the same last name), whose name I know only because there's a street in New Orleans named after him (the mayor, I mean, not Alex) and it's very similar to the name of a Nazi war criminal and Russ Meyer recurring character. Anyway, further proof that librarians really do know everything (especially if its trivial and has no bearing on one's conduct of life).

He also had some opinions/insights into this whole thing I've been obsessing about in my friends-only entries. It's interesting to hear how the saga sounds to "the kids". ALso, he told me something (good) I didn't know about one of my real life friends, which I'll keep to myself, but it only proved to show me (yet again) what a kind and thoughtful person the friend in question is.

There was a lot more, but we jumped from tangent to tangent. I was completely sober, so I was slightly more on track, maybe. Funniest thing that Alex does when speaking about LJ is the following:

"So my best friend is LJ user equals rxrfrx, and his girlfriend is LJ user equals..."

I dunno why, I found this very funny.

Now it is hella late, and I must go to bed.

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