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In which I partake of Oregonian Culture

Separate from the things mentioned in the friends-only post, here's what else I did this weekend:

The "Pigs and Fords" event at the County Fair in Tillamook:

This event consists of a race (on a horsetrack) by Model-T Fords, which have had the bodies removed so they look like giant go-karts, where the drivers do 3 laps. What makes it "interesting" is that prior to completing each lap, the driver must pick a piglet out of a crate, hold it while driving around the track, and then exchange it for another pig after completing the lap. If you drop or fumble the pig, you lose. Fastest one wins.

On the surface, this sounds really fun because it's just so absurd and so white trash. However, given that it's on a horse track, it's hard to see more than a quarter of the track at any time. If you're watching because you're hoping for some terrible pig-dropping accident, complete with gore and squeals, chances are good you wouldn't be able to see it anyway. I could barely hear the squeals of the pigs as they were lifted from the crates (apparently, the pigs don't have a lot of fun during this event), and couldn't see much of the race. Interesting concept, poor execution. Not many mullets in the crowd, either, which I found surprising, though I did hear one dad say "Son, this ain't NASCAR". True dat. I took some photos, but they didn't come out great.

While in Tillamook, you can also visit the huge Cheese factory there. Get hypnotised by the production line and think of "Koyaanisquatsi". I forgot to bring the camera inside, no pictures.

Then onto Portland to visit the "Woodstock Mystery Hole" for the annual Perseid Watching party. The WMH was christened when a man discovered evidence of a Strange Alien Civilization in a cavern in his backyard.

The gateway to the WMH looks like this:

The glowsticks are only to help me point the camera at the Strange Alien Writings, and not evidence of a Modern Raver Civilization:

Look! A low-flying Perseid, and right at a convienent viewing time! The thing you are cynically misidentifying as a "clothesline" is actually a "Cosmic Dust Vapor Trail".

More rather large pictures, including pig and ford pics, are here:

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