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Watch your mouth...

so I thought maybe 10 people read these ramblings of mine. that may still be true, but apparently I'm being read by people who 1) I don't know and 2) are somehow, in a cosmic plate-of-shrimp way, connected to my heroes, idols, and/or lust objects.

within 24 hours of posting my list of fictional boys I'd like to have dated, the person responsible for creating one of them sent me a nice little msg. acknowledging that "a friend" had forwarded the posting to him, and that he was flattered by the compliment. Needless to say, I was pleasantly shocked. Unless it's someone that's good at forging email return addresses playing a joke on me, but that seems unlikely. Anyway, I guess the point of saying this, other than to say "Yay! an artist I admire wrote me an email out of the blue!", is to remind other journalers out there that you never know who's reading and what will get back to who, so if you aren't prepared to have a person (even someone you don't know) read what you write about them, then you'd best watch your mouth.

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