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You don't have too much stuff in your house. Trust me on this.

I went to a party at the most amazing house ever. I took pictures. I could have taken 50 more. They will give you an idea of this place, but until you walk thru the narrow aisles and see these rooms next to one another, you can't possibly imagine. His dual themes seem to be scifi/fantasy imagery and victorian/gothic horror. Or "sensory overload".

Warning: I did not resize pics. they are large. they are worth it.


a few comments on selected pics:

He has a "Future room" in the basement- Pretty sure this is a "Spacewar" game:

He got this from the "wizards of the coast" liquidation. Note the people in the photo for scale comparison.

One room had "traditional" bookshelves that went floor to ceiling with pulp/vintage paperbacks. There are at least 3 other rooms, including the bathroom, where the books are just stacked in piles.

Now, -that's- packratitude!

And to answer the question on everyone's mind-
Nope, he's divorced.

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