Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Why I love Dan Savage, part 52

Dan Savage often addresses important issues in his column, such as, "can you make cheese from breast milk" (Answer: possible, but pretty difficult. And icky.), or "Should men wear tightie-whities or not". Dan said that TW's were generally a bad idea, but invited people who could disprove him to send him photos of hott men in TW's.

So he made a contest.

A pretty boy, in his underwear...

You have to look at 70+ pics before you can vote, but if you just click on the "Who's Winning/view top 10", you'll have a good laugh. The current #1 is a certain portly fictional character, and the current #2 is just...odd.

I voted for the guy with the chainsaw, not because he's hott, but just because.

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