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fictional and historical men I'd like to have dated

or, boyfriends I'll never have:

1) Rudolph Valentino - handsome, exotic, dead at 31. had extreme/exotic women as lovers, prosecuted for bigamy, and the namesake for Sheik condoms. you gotta love those effeminate bad boys.

2) Klaus Baudelaire (from Lemony Snicket's "Series of Unfortunate Events") I know Klaus is only about 12 or so now, but when he's of age, he will be so HOTT.

3) Lloyd Dobbler (as played by John Cusack in "Say anything"); the ultimate sensitive -but -not -wimpy boy. Haven't you always wanted a cute semi-clean-cut boy with a Clash T-shirt? and that kickboxing would come in handy if someone tried to mug you while he was around.

4) Oscar Wilde. Witty, erudite, handsome, probably slept with more boys than I have. Come to think of it, I've had crushes on a few contemporary men like this.

5) the teenage John Connor (as played by Edward Furlong in "Terminator 2"); Skater-esque rebel who will later be the hero of the revolution- how could you -not- want this boy?

6) Brian Slade, aka 'Maxwell Demon' ("Velvet Goldmine"). I'm torn between wanting this boy and wanting to -be- this boy. I think the latter would be better, as I think there's an unspoken rule about not dating anyone with a flashier wardrobe than yours.

hmm. upon reflection, all the fictional boys I want, except Lloyd Dobbler, are either jailbait, or of questionable heterosexuality. This probably does not bode well for my future love life.

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