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I am Jack's boring domestic issues.

Spent much of the afternoon and evening working on the artcar, and moving my bedroom.

My apartment is huge. No lie. It should be, as I'm paying too much for it. Not counting kitchen bathroom, and hallways, I have 4 rooms. 2 are ostensibly bedrooms, 1 is a living room, 1 is a dining room. For reasons I'm not sure I can explain, I made the smaller bedroom "my bedroom" and the large bedroom "the place I stash all the stuff I can't figure out what to do with". I decided I should reverse these, for three main reasons:

1) it seemed weird to make the big roomy room a storage area.
2) the big roomy room has screens on the windows, the old bedroom does not. Given the heat we've been having, plus Won't's inclination to walk out on the ledge thru the window and scare me by disappearing from the apt., screens are a good thing.
3) the old bedroom looks out over a car dealership, which uses incredibly bright lights to showcase their incredible deals. These lights seem to stay on until the sun comes up, making it brighter in my room than I like.

So I've been switching rooms. Whilst moving stuff around, I've found dozens of cat-hair dust bunnies and numerous misplaced "shakey mice" that the cat had lost. The dust bunnies make me more convinced that cat owners really ought to live in carpeted homes. Hardwood floors look cool, but it's a pain to move a box one inch and be overcome by all the stored hair that's been waiting for release.

In other boring news:
I've dyed my hair a uniform shade of auburn. Assuming the prior blonde doesn't poke thru after a few shampoos, I no longer have pink hair.

Sunday there's an artcar thingy in Tacoma. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, come say hi

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