Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

I could do this as a poll, but I'm lazy.

The Faint: actually a good band, or just a guilty pleasure? Discuss.

My take thus far- deliberately derivative, being so Nu Wave that it transcends all the elements it's imitating. I could be very wrong, though.

Today had a few interesting elements, but nothing sticks out as being the major theme of the day. Here's a bullet type list:

Went to the PO, had been sent a Tshirt thrifted by a friend promoting the documentary about Bob Flanagan called "Sick". You may remember Bob from the Re/Search book "Supermasochist", or, if you were an art history major, as "that performance artist that nailed his dick to a board". Anyway, add this to my collection of "Tshirts I should be careful where I wear them" (includes "You're all whores" "DARE to keep me off drugs", and prolly a couple others I can't recall now).

Went to the public health department for you-have-nothing-to-worry-about-but-it-can't-hurt- to-be-sure biannual HIV test. Was expecting all kinds of amusing anecdotes to result from this, given past experiences, but it was surprisingly non eventful. If there's one city that should have a Public Health department crawling with interesting stories, it's Tacoma. Anyway, nothing weird or unsettling happened. The counselor did ask me to describe the ways in which HIV could be transmitted, to make sure I knew about risk and all that, and I couldn't help but think of some of fidelity_astro's recent LJ comments, so what I really wanted to say was "You get it from Canadians!!". But I did not.

Went to Home Depot to exchange crappy cordless drill for something with real power and a cord. Realized keyless chucks are the wave of the future, but still against it. Bought outdoor silver/aluminium paint for car retouching; remembered story from childhood.....

You know how in old skool hardware stores, they had paint mixers that violently shook the paint to mix the pigments (they have something else now)? Apparently this mechanism both fascinated and repelled me when I was a kid. I have a clear but odd memory of my father telling me that paint was mixed from "naughty children", thus giving me some sorta glue factory/ Willy Wonka vision of the hellish lingering death awaiting me if I didn't get with the program. Anyway, whenever I'm around custom blended paint, I think of bad children and their fate to end up as External Semi-Gloss EggShell.

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