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girly-girl strikes again!

so these last few days, aside from artcar stuff, I've been doing girly stuff. I made these red faux-Chinese print curtains for the french doors of the TV room, and they look great. If the light is on inside the TV room, there's an eerie red glow from the doors if the house is observed from the street. Lemur says it looks like a brothel/red light district motif, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I also patched my favorite pair of jeans with the sewing machine while watching the daily show, and was kinda laughing that I actually own a sewing machine and use it (it was a gift, but still). unfortunately, the jeans now have so many patches that they're looking dangerously close to being mistaken for hippie jeans. but god are they comfortable.

other girly things I did this weekend; cooked a meal , doted on kitties, reorganized/filled up part of closet, now that I don't have to share it with anyone. I swear this recent bout of girlyness has nothing to do with the gay test or being around all the suburbanites this weekend.

tomorrow I'll prolly go to the Home Despot and buy that cordless drill I've been wanting, and then my gender karma will be back to normal.

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