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quizzy, yet topical...

swiped from shoutingboy

Answer questions using lyrics from a single band.

Gee, who will I pick? I dunno...maybe---
The Magnetic Fields?

1. Are you male or female?
There's a floating town of eiderdown
in a mist of mystery
There's an old enchanted castle
and the princess there is me

2. Describe yourself:
Eligible, not too stupid,
intelligible, and cute as Cupid,
knowledgeable, but not always right,
salvageable and free for the night
  3. How do they feel about you?
a pretty girl is like a violent crime
If you do it wrong you could do time
but if you do it right it is sublime

4. How do you feel about yourself?
No one will ever love you honestly
No one will ever love you for your honesty       

5. Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend:
Butterflies turn into people
when my boy walks down the street
Maybe he should be illegal
He just makes life too complete
6. What would you rather be doing?
Let's pretend we're bunny rabbits
Let's do it all day long
Let abbots, Babbitts and Cabots
say Mother Nature's wrong
and when we've had a coupla beers
we'll put on bunny suits
I long to nibble your ears
and do as bunnies do
7. Describe where you live:
Well I don't care
what people say
life is too short
to hang around
So I stay so long
in a place
and then move
on to the next town

8. Describe how you live:
My girl is the queen of ten villages
We live on the fruits
of her pillages

9. Describe how you love:
Now that you've made me want to die
you tell me that you're unboyfriendable
and I could make you pay and pay
but I could never make you stay

10. Share a few words of wisdom:
Love is like jazz
You make it up as you go along
and you act as
if you really knew the song
but you don't
and you never will

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