Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

It's a small LJ world, after all.

So I added a few people to my friends list just based on the recommendation of tinymammoth . Reading the comments in the LJ of one of them, I discover a user whose userpic shows the same marine invertebrate that JS is mildly obsessed with (and he also has a userpic of this animal). Look at her profile, and discover she lives in the same town I grew up in (in fact, the town JS and I went to HS and college in).

The six degrees of LJ separation continue to freak me out.

for the record:

my favorite aquatic animal is probably the axolotl, though it's not an invertebrate. It's got one of the coolest names of any aquatic creature, that's for sure.

My favorite rodent is the capybara, which is also the largest rodent.

My favorite primate? You, definitely.

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