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In which I add to my collection of books I'll never read...

Went thrifting and yard sailing today with two folks from the thriftlist that I hadn't previously met before. One is a granny with kids my age, and a very cool lady. I never thought I'd have pals that are my mom's age, but I guess that's one of the democratizing aspects of the internet. It's actually pretty neat. Anyway...

I got two amusing things today.

The first is a still-in-package Cuecat. Remembering the astonishing cluelessness of this device, I thought it was worth a buck to see if it might sell on Ebay to some geek with a passion for dumb technology. We shall see.

The second thing amuses me for two reasons: the item itself, and that it was sold at the thrift at all. I don't know if it's official policy, but I believe thrifts discard any donations of pornographic books or magazine. That's why it's so fun when they miss one, and I get to add to my collection of dirty books found at thrifts.


Note that the author's name is "Dick Dale" (presumably not the surf guitar king). Note that the hero's name is "Rod(ney) Manlove", which is just sooo subtle. This book is from 1968, and I may go ahead and read it, as flipping thru it has already given me such classic prose as:

"after only a few seconds, his love spilled forth while he leaned breathlessly against the wall" (ed note- "love" is the author's prefered noun for this. maybe in 1968, it didn't sound quite so dumb).

"He bent and closed his mouth over Norman's (ed note- Norman??) taut nipples...feeling them come erect under his ministrations." (ed note- ministrations is a word I want to see more often in porn).

"Oh Norman, I'm so excited," Rodney Manlove said. "Like-you're the greatest."
"Quit it, will you? I want some loving, and I want it fast."

(after a vice raid in a public bathroom) "Rodney's heart turned to ice. He'd been rapped by the fuzz!" (ed note: maybe in 1968, it didn't sound quite so dumb. Actually, it probably did.)

Othe dirty books that have made it onto thrift shelves that I now own:
"Tickling Nancy's Fancy" (1978) back cover description: "Nancy swings both ways- and its not just a phase 'cause until her dying days she'll be highly sex-crazed."
"A Degraded Honeymoon" (1984) (no description- plot concerns wife-swapping)
"Finger Man" (1978) front cover description: Stanley was a guitarist by trade- expert at all manipulations of the hand- and chicks shivered with delight as he fingered them on his trip to the top as a rock star!"

Two books I own that sound dirty, but aren't:
"Dear Gay Head" (teen advice book, 1958), scholastic book services
"Greek Slave Boy (1968, teen historical fiction about ancient Rome), scholastic book services

One book I own that's not dirty, but the cover makes you think it is:

This is actually a rather famous book of maritime adventure. The same author also wrote "The Seaman's Friend" (huh huh, huh huh).

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