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Back from Estland

I'm back from That Place. Missed my 7:55am flight (it was foolish to think I could awaken in time), but was able to catch the 9:15 and go straight to work after landing, and I was only a half hour late. whee! I'll have pictures and some travelogue type info soon.

The Big News that happened while I was gone was that The Bayou burned down. Aside from being the bar where Laura San Giocoma (sp?) worked in Sex, Lies, and Videotape, The Bayou was your typical freak/geek campus bar*, and almost everyone I was pals with in college has fond memories of the place. Very sad to see it gone.

*Residents of Columbus may substitute "crazy mama's" for "the bayou" and get an idea of How Very Important a place it was.

Poll is still open, if you'd like to guess where I was. But I'll tell you eventually. I promise.

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