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Won't update

well, Won't seems to be improving. A good sign is that she has the strength to run away and hide when its time for the meds. She's been in my room (about as far as you can get from where I've been tonight at the computer) all evening, so I'm not sure if she's resting or quivvering in fear of eyedroppers.

One reason she might be hating the meds is because the pharmacist (I had to a "compounding pharmacist, whatever that is) apparently was absent that day in compound pharmacy school when they covered the metric system. See, I'd been giving Won't the meds faithfully as directed, and already used up more than half the bottle in 2 days for a 7 day treatment. Hmmm.

So I call the vet, and in fact, the "1 ml" (think of a syringe half as tall and half as wide as a disposable ballpoint pen) that was on the label the pharm typed was supposed to be "1 mg" (about 10% of 1 ml, according to whoever I talked to at the vets). Even if the pharmacist misread the vet's instructions or mistyped, don't you think the pharmacist would be checking the instructions on the label and would go, "Hmm, 1 ml 3 times a day for 7 days is 21 mls, and yet I've only put 3 mls in the bottle. Well, that sounds right." Feh.

luckily, the medicine I've been overdosing her with is actually the anti-vomiting medicine (It's actually the antibiotic that smells of banana), so no harm will come of feeding her ten times what she needed. Other than the triggering the lifelong resentment she's no doubt fostering towards me from giving her unneccessary amounts of medicine, but whatever.

I will keep all of Won't's fan club posted if there's any new news.

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