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cat addendum

ah, cruel fate. Won't, the contrarily-named but sweet cat, is sick and lethargic.

Shockie, my other cat, has accomplished the following tonight:
1) knocking a metal 16mm film canister from the bottom shelf, making it clatter hellishly.
2) attacking Won't's tail
3) doing that run-run-run-STOP! thing across two rooms
and the grand prize:
4) not 3 minutes after I'd brought it in from the car, she knocked over my green Geisha-lady chalkware lamp, bending the bracket that the shade screws onto by about 30 degrees and chipping off a piece of the Geisha's headress. I glued the chip back, thought you can still see damage, and the lampscade doesn't sit right on the bent frame. I was bringing it in from the car because I'd just gotten it rewired for $25 (after having it short out and briefly shoot sparks when I plugged it in after moving here).

I can't figure if this cat is starved for attention, overly playful, or just needing a smack on the ass. Every night she's jumping on something, playing with an electrical cord, or otherwise getting into trouble. I foretell that my death will have a Darwin Awards aspect- hit on the head with something the cat knocks onto it, or something equally silly and dire.

Today's irony watch:
The cats anti-vomiting medicine is banana scented. Those of you who remember that I find that smell nauseating will immediatley see the humor here.

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