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a moment of levity-

I have a pile of stuff on the table that I'm donating for the Art Car Garage Sale. Except apparently, I may have to keep this basket , as someone has adopted it as a nap space-

She's feeling a bit lethargic because she's ill, although I'm not sure yet why/how badly. We went to the vet this morning and the preliminary findings were that she was dehydrated, underweight, and remarkably nonplussed when they took her temperature. You know a cat is weak when they don't have the energy to hiss or flinch at that indignity. Anyway, they took blood (she did complain about that a bit, which is a good sign) and gave her some SubQ fluids, and we'll know tomorrow what the lab thinks is wrong with her.

Why is it never the rambunctious, jumping on top of my stereo cabinet and knocking stuff down cat that gets the weak and sore illness? Won't is already pretty docile. If Shockie had gotten sick with this instead, I might be able to sleep through the 6:30 to 7:45am hours unmolested.

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