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I am the happiest girl in the world (or at least in SoHu)

Yay! yet another random chance plate of shrimp thing:

Film Threat's newsletter had a link to the site of a film that my favorite live band ever,
the Billy Nayer Show made. I knew about the film, but last I'd looked, it was still doing all the Sundance rounds and was nowhere I'd get to see it.

checked the band's site to see if there were any show dates coming up; every time I've checked it in the past, I'd always find out they had a gig either in 2 days in NYC or 3 months ago in SF. Seeing nothing listed past May, I decided to just email them and see about getting an email update for gigs; a service not explicitly offered, but I figured I'd ask.

Not only did they email me within 20 minutes (weird considering I sent the mail at 4:30 am), but there's a gig in NYC (9-10 hours away) in 4 weeks, on a saturday I don't work. yay! I am going. I have not seen them since 1997, in SF, and as corny as it sounds, lack of BNS gigs outside of SF was one of the hardest things to leave behind when I moved from SF to the cowtown.

Imagine you haven't kissed or touched another human being in 3 years, and then you find out that in the next month, you will be having hours of hot sex with the person you dig the most. That's about the level of happiness/ anticipation I'm feeling right now.


hmm, I wonder if there's anything else around NYC might be interesting to visit over that weekend? I wonder who might know the answer to that.....

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