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To call pigeons "rats with wings" is grossly unfair to rats; Mormon Rock (NOT "Mormons Rock!")

I came home wednesday and heard pigeons cooing nearby (I live on the top floor). as I took off my shoes and unwound after werk, I noticed my cat Shockie staring out the window, and a pigeon prancing about on the ledge, kinda teasing her. I'd never seen pigeons hanging out here before, but I thought little of it...

..until this morning, when I go out the door by my back stairs to find 1) a twig nest hastily built under the outside corner storage cabinet 2) pigeon shit all over the stairs and in front of the door. Ugh. In two days, they've set up shop here. I threw away the nest, cleaned up the area the nest was built in to make it more exposed and less appropriate for homesteading, and mopped up all the droppings. God, what a foul task. I left the house for the afternnon, and when I came back this evening, there was even more shit on the stairs and landing, despite the eviction.

I don't know what to do next. anything I can spray around the stairs (they're semi-oudoor, like a fire escape or motel) to make them less appealing to birds? I worry that some kind of pigeon gentrification is at hand: they've discovered a quiet cheap place, and they're going to tell all their friends, and the next thing you know, the character of the landing has changed and there's a Starbucks moving onto my stairs.

Spent a good bit of today thrift shopping, mostly to pick up some things I needed for the house, but also just to do some recreational shopping. Picked up some amusing LPs, two of which are:

"Original Sin" -all female Satan-metal band from 1986. Wow, is this bad. The back cover alone made this record worth the pricey $1.49 I paid for it- these ladies look like a cross between the Runaways 10 years later and either the Dictators or the guys in Twisted Sister who weren't Dee Snider. They're wearing denim and studded belts and have shaggy feathered hair, yet their songs are faux-occult shit like "Conjuration of the watcher" and "Enchantress of Death". Aspiring metalheads note: if you're going to do Satan metal, strive to look like you're from Norway, not New Jersey. Not that anyone ever comes to my apt., but if people did and I wanted them to leave, this is a good candidate for a record to make it happen.

"Latter Day Ruth"- Combines two of the less-collected sub-genres of thrifted LPs 1) the Christian Rock Musical (for every "Godspell" and "Jesus Christ Superstar", there are dozens of imitators, most of them pretty anonymous and forgettable) and 2) the Mormon record. Unless you live somewhere with an established LDS community (Sacramento, Tacoma, pretty much anywhere in Utah), you may not know that there's a chain of Mormon thrift stores- it's called "Deseret Industries", and since many of their donations come from church members, the books and records feature a bunch of Mormon stuff you'll never see elsewhere. I never knew just how many Mormon-specific LPs were out there until my first visit to a DI in Salt Lake City. Anyway, there's a DI in southern Pierce County, and aside from a sealed copy of "Young Mormons Sing*", I also got "Latter Day Ruth", which is so far unremarkable except that it's a Mormon Rock Musical** AND a double album. Ugh.

*How dull are Mormon creative artists? The composer of "Young Mormons Sing", Janeen Jacobs Brady***, has (according to the back of this LP) at least 5 other records for Mormon children. Her one secular album is called "The Metrics are coming", which features "Tongue-in-cheek songs that reinforce attitudes about the metric system" (this album is from 1978, the height of switching-to-metric mania). Call me a masochist, but now I really want to hear this.

**The ultimate Mormon rock (?) concept album is probably this one. I covet that LP, if only to see the gatefold sleeve.

***I just surveyed my small collection of Mormon records (now up to 6) and discovered I already own Janeen's "Songs for a Mormon Child", which has the jawdropping song "I want to be a mother", which is sung by a 6-10 year old girl about how wonderful it will be to have lots of babies. According to the bio on the back of the LP, Janeen and her husband "are the parents of 9 children, plus a 10-year old Lamanite boy". I think Lamanites are Indians/native americans- since Mormons call non-LDS folk "gentiles", anything is possible.

Okay, I'm all Mormon-ed out. Heavenly Father says its time to take off my garments and go to sleep

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