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John Frum=my new future husband.

wow. Of my 110 interests, there are now only 2 that are unshared:

black velvet paintings (surprising) and john frum (not surprising).

John Frum, if you're wondering, is the "messiah" of a sort of Cargo cult on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu, so the 3 of you interested in cargo cults should read up on him. The exact origin of John Frum is sketchy ("John from america" is a popular suggestion), but oddly enough, sightings of him/messages from his prophets often coincide with islanders consuming particularly potent batches of kava, the mildly narcotic drink popular throughout Vanuatu. Interestingly, the John Frum movement actually pre-dates WW2 (the boom time for South Pacific cargo cults since the US military was hanging out on islands) and was in the beginning, a reaction to missionary/colonial influence on Tannese culture (So it's not actually a true cargo cult). And yes, the movement is still active today.

I posted a long time ago how shocked I was that no one shared my interest in Gene Pitney-- now there are 3 others. huzzah!

I was pleasantly shocked when I found out I wasn't the only one interested in The Billy Nayer Show or Cory McAbee, but I guess that since they've been together for 10 years or so and released 5 CDs, it's not too surprising that far-flung people have discovered their genius by now. And it was thru our shared adolation of BNS that I found the wonderous avphibes (and by extension, a bunch of other LJ friends that I discovered thru Phibes), so there's something to be said for checking up on who shares your interests.

Because now.....

Someone ELSE besides lemur68 knows about gil mantera's party dream!!! AND it's someone I don't know AND that isn't a friend of avphibes (who has a video of a GMPD show that I shot) BUT that nonetheless lives in Brooklyn (phibes' domicile) after having lived in Columbus (one of the 2 cities GMPD regularly plays in). Small Fucking World. Anyway, I added him immediately, but being that he hasn't posted publically since the end of January, he may not know that for awhile. Like 316 people, he likes "The Magnetic Fields" (Though I myself, like 517 others, prefer the "Magnetic Fields").

The interests that would have to be explained if you don't share them:

aaaahhh i am dieing! - (1 other) A stripcreator in-joke. 5 other people are interested in stripcreator.

guy's butt (7 others) Hint: it's not a typo of guys' butts. It's an in-joke about a guy named Guy.

SoHu- (1 other) My old 'hood in Columbus- "South of Hudson". I only know a few people who call it this, but dammit, it's such a great name.

Bislama (1 other) - The pidgen language of Vanuatu.

Big Secrets (1 other) - a Book by William Poundstone, though I'm not sure if that's what the other LJer interested in it means by the phrase.

sunshine in a bag (3 others) -Line from a Gorillaz song. A metaphor for Good Things, I guess.

The Dube (15 others)- Legendary dive in Columbus, located in scenic SoHu.

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