Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Boy wish list, the good things:

part 2 of my boy wish list:

Always date/pursue/give the time of day to boys who:

1) Are not bothered by (or better yet, are attracted to) women who are not girly. I think that knowing how to use an oxy-acetyline torch and being able to lift heavy things are attractive qualities in either gender.

1a/2) Can also appreciate my company on the occasions when I -am- being (or looking) girly. I get really discouraged when I've been bonding with a guy on the important mutual interest stuff, and he's impressed by our shared geek pasts and all that, but he routinely fails to comment on (or maybe even fails to notice) how good I look in a corset or cocktail dress.

3) has lots of female friends (that aren't ex-lovers). Not that there's anything wrong with having ex-lovers as friends, in fact, it's a good sign, but having friends that like him that he's never had a romantic attachment to is even better.

4) give you objects/items that you like (and that cost little or nothing) when there's no occasion to do so. I'm always happy when someone knows my tastes so well that they can see a record or a book at a garage sale and know I'd like it. Conversly, I know I've really gotten to know someone when I can do the same for him.

5) Are non-vanilla, both in and out of bed. and of course, I mean non-vanilla in a way compatible with my quirks, not the non-vanilla things that would squick Dan Savage or give you a negative purity test score.

6) are more than one of the following things: a visual artist, a music fan/collector/archivist, a computer geek (without being a computer nerd), androgynous, a musician (with some caveats there, of course), well travelled, a film buff, a holder of an advanced degree, a punster, a carnivore, a thrifter/urban scavenger, heavily tattooed (in a non-biker, aesthetically pleasing way), an eclectic reader, a DJ of the non-techno type (ie college radio or the equivalent), smarter (book, street, or other) than me but not conceited about it.

7) Have a record collection as big or bigger than mine. This used to be a lot easier; I've purchased so many thrift LPs in my years in Columbus that my collection tripled in size in about 2 years. Until I made the mistake of dating boys that don't have turntables, every boy I dated had more LPs than me. Admittedly, since I have about 28 feet of LPs alone, he'd have to be fairly obsessive about vinyl, or way older than me to match that now, but it's still something to shoot for.

8) Owns a toilet brush and regularly uses it. This may seem like a silly thing to count, but believe me, a man who can't even keep the smallest room in the house clean (or at least, non-disgusting), or doesn't see a good reason to worry about such things, is trouble sooner or later, usually sooner.

9) has stuff to teach me. I don't mean stuff like how to drive a manual transmission or how to make sushi; I mean information/ wisdom/ways of looking at the world that I would have been unlikely to have happened upon by myself if I'd never met him.

10) Has seen "the Forbidden Zone" before he met me. Being that I've only personally known only two other people EVER in the 13 years since this film changed my life who have seen it without me having been the one to introduce it to them (aside, of course, from the person who told me about it), it would amaze me to meet another. LIKING "the Forbidden Zone" is practically a prerequisite for me to take someone seriously as a boyfriend, but a guy who knew about it and liked it -before- meeting me, well, that's probably destiny or something.

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