Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Life imitates The onion, or is it vice-versa?

After pointing out twice (one was friends-only) that some people who come to the library to get tax forms have an irrational fear of not using the preprinted IRS envelopes, I see this in this week's Onion:

Area Man Has No Idea Where To Get Envelope
NEW BERN, NC— In need of an envelope to mail his March telephone bill, Jordan Phills, 26, reported Monday that he has no idea where to get one. "Is there such thing as an 'envelope store'?" Phills asked. "I honestly have no clue how to go about getting an envelope, except by snagging one off somebody." Phills added that the envelope hunt would not have been necessary had his roommate not spilled coffee all over the pre-addressed envelope enclosed with the monthly bill.

heh. If I were paranoid, I'd say the Onion folks are spying on me.

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