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Did I call at a bad time? Of course I did.

I am not liking being back in Pacific time with the schedule I have. Many of the people I'd like to phone are in Central (2 hours ahead) or Eastern (3 hours ahead) time zones.

2 nights a week, I work til 9pm, get home approx. 9:15. This is 11:15 Central, 12:12 Eastern and thus, too late to call.

The 2 nites I work til 6pm are still dicey: If I get home at 6:30 and call -immediately-, it's 9:30 eastern. And I rarely get home that early; I usually have an errand to run or have to eat before I can even consider phoning anyone. And given my nite owl tendencies, I'd like to be able to call folks when its 12:30 am. this worked great when I was in eastern time and I was calling californians, but it doesn't work in reverse. And of course, JS is in Central Time and has to be at work early, so I really shouldn't keep him on the phone past 11pm his time.

This last week, I'd been trying to call one friend in CST zone, and kept getting a busy signal for hours. I kept trying every 20 mins, and finally reached him at 10:45pm his time (he'd been online rather than talking on the phone). I figured if the phone was busy, he was up, and it was okay to call, but apparently I provoked a fight between him and his SO, who wondered "Why does she call so late"? Argh. Apparently SO was wanting him to come to bed after he got offline, and was vexed when the phone derailed this plan.

And don't even get me started on the difficulties of calling EST places during their business hours.

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