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boy musings

So I've been thinking about what I want my next boy to be like, and since I don't have anyone specific in mind that I see myself dating anytime soon, I've been doing one of those "what can we learn from our mistakes" kind of reflective things. So for amusement, and because I sometimes like to bitch about people in semi-anonymous ways (none of them read this, but if they did, they'd recognize themselves), here we go:

Open notes to self:

Do not date anyone who:

1) puts protective sleeves on all his LPs, even the ones from thrift stores or the ones he never listens to. You don't need anyone that OCD/anal in your life.

2) won't let you touch his turntable. Anyone who obsesses that much over their tone arm and stylus is welcome to sleep with it instead of me.

3) Has been asked by his roommate (who he isn't romantically involved with) to move out of an apartment. People who can't even get along with their roommates are extremely bad risks to date.

4) doesn't read, ever. I know, no one has time to read anymore. make time. If you haven't read a book in the last 4 years, your priorities are likely way off base.

5) is really really really freaked out about menstration. mildly squicked is fine, freaked out means it's time for you to grow up. Women can't stop menstruating just because you find it inconvienient or messy.

6) Has used the phrase "take a chill pill" in a non-ironic manner. I don't know why, but this is about the stupidest phrase I've ever heard, and just serves to irritate me more if said to me when I'm upset.

7) hates to drive. nothing wrong with that, but I find it odd and incompatible. Special exceptions can be made to this rule for boys who live places where driving is a pain in the ass or nervewracking, ie. NYC, San Francisco, Beruit.

8) is self-employed/"works at home". I've dated -3- men who quit 'real' jobs to make a living with music, art, or Ebay profiteering, and every one of them was losing/had lost touch with the way the rest of the working world operates. self-employed with own office that he has to go to during normal work hours = fine. sets own hours (which conflict with yours) and then is befuddled when you have to go to bed before 4am and won't watch a movie with him at 2am = unacceptable.

9) Is a civil war buff, Kibologist, or active member of Mensa. actually, I've never dated any of these, but friends have. Beware.

10) Is not at least slightly musically compatible with you. Love him or hate him, any man that claims to be a fan of non-mainstream music should at least know who Steve Albini is, or have the name vaguely ring a bell.

okay, that's enough for now. I'll list the good "always date men who" things tomorrow.

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