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15% of my base are belong to IRS

Finally filled out my tax forms; owe the feds, getting a bit back from Ohio. Looked at the 1040 form to see if it was worth claiming the charitable contributions I made last year (Sept 11 charity, tons of thriftstore donations) and discovered just how much you have to itemize to make itemizing worthwhile: over $4550 worth. yikes! I'm sure this is worthwhile if you own a house or have kids or moving expenses (which I get to deduct next year...yay!), but if you're a single, childless member of the renting class who is not blind or over 65, chances are you Schedule A gives you nothin'.

It's interesting that us single yet professional middle class non-homeowners have no mechanism to deduct charitable contributions (unless we're donating 10-20% of total income to charity, which is unlikely), even though I've read before that it's folks like us who are the most likely to have donated to charitable causes.

So if you're wealthy enough to be making $5000 donations to charity, or own property, you get a nudge to encourage you to donate, but if you're me, the sole reward is the satisfaction of doing a good deed. Hmm. Government works in mysterious ways.

Oh, wait, did I type "mysterious"? I meant "assinine and incomprehensible".

In other news....

Rewarded myself for finishing the tax stuff by purchasing a plane ticket to JS's city for the Memorial Day 3-day weekend. He's coming to visit this weekend, so that gives us about 6 weeks between visits. I've never been to his city before, and I'm so curious to see how close it comes to my (rather negative, truth be told) preconceptions. And yes, I'm being purposefully vague about where it is for privacy's (his, not mine) sake. Maybe I'll spill the beans after my return. I'll have 3 full days to hang out there, so we shall see what the reality is vs. my probably irrational prejudices against the BearCubBurg.


Another tax form envelope obsessor today. This one accepted my explanation reasonably graciously and resigned himself to having to write the address himself. Good man.

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