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Take the drag queens bowling, take them bowling

Sunday night was Cross-dress bowling, a fundraising event for the Seattle ArtCar Blowout (gotta have money for gas for out of town artists to come, plus other horsebrutality costs). It's just like it sounds: you cross-dress, you bowl, and there are fabulous trophies for the best costumes.

Rather than recap it, I'll just leave ya'll with a few choice pictures.

Did this outfit take home the trophy for "Best Hair"?

Nope! This one did:

Girls gone wild:

Fishnets and bowling shoes is the new black:

The guys that hit on women at bowling alleys:

The guys that are much too suave to hit on women in bowling alleys:

I've decided that, like the word "pants", the comic potential of burly men in tafeta is immense and universal. It cannot be denied.

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