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In which I act dumb around semi-famous people

o/= What do you get when you kiss a guy? o/ o/=

Still in my Burt Bacharach-induced delerium. But don't worry, just because I appreciate Burt, I'll never get to this point.

Also in a Cory induced delerium. Saw a rare Seattle appearance of my beloved Billy Nayer show last night. Transcendent as always. Weird to realize that 1) I first saw BNS in 1994 in the Bay area 2) I've now seen them in three states on either coast 3) I still get tongue-tied when speaking to Cory. Dunno what it is about that man. I think that every time I see him, I say some variation on "I've been a fan of yours forever, you probably don't remember me, glad you're playing tonight". Rarely are people that I appreciate artistically accessible to me, and when they are, what can you say without sounding like a fawning doofus or a stalker? Good thing Bruce Haack is dead, or I'd get in real trouble if I ever met him.

I also had a nice chat with Bobby L from BNS after the show. He remembered me as "the other pink haired girl" and "the girl who drove from Ohio to NYC to see BNS". I assured him I'm not stalking Cory despite my willingness to drive 13 hours for a show, and hopefully he bought it. hahaha.

BNS in Portland on Friday 4/5. If you're reading this and you live there, go. If not for yourself; if not for me, do it for the kittens.

In other "People I admire that I run into in public places" news, I had an odd brush with celebrity yesterday. I'll be discreet name-wise in case the person in question ever might ego-surf and somehow happen across this LJ, but here's the scoop:

There's a Eggers-esque novel, set in Seattle, that I read while I was in Ohio. I liked it so much I read the author's other 2 books, which I also enjoyed.

At the time (Summer 2000), I knew the following things about the author:
1) he lived in the Seattle area
2) He was an attorney/Prosecutor (the novel touches on this experience)
3) After the book came out, he was featured in People magazine's " America's top bachelors" issue (just like Ben Affleck!), which I noted simply because I was suprised they chose someone sorta sub-cultural for their list.

Okay, so I hadn't thought about that author in about 2 years (he hasn't written any novels since). Until I was at work at the library yesterday, and out of our meeting room, about 125 members of the County Prosecutors association leave the building en masse. I see someone who looks like the jacket photo of the author, and remembering the author was a prosecutor, figured it was about 80% likely I had the right guy. As he's exiting, I say his name haltingly and questioningly, one of his colleagues hears and gets his attention, and I say simply "I loved your books". He says "thanks' and walks on.

The amusing part is when I point out to a co-worker that a semi-famous author has just left the bldg, he's like, "Oh, that guy? He's been a library patron for about 10 years". My cow-orker had no idea that he'd ever published a novel- he just knew him from seeing him around over the last decade. We looked up the infamous People bachelor article in our magazine database, and were also shocked to discover that according to People, this famous Tacoman once lived in LA and dated.... Molly Ringwald. I don't know how or why that's significant, it's just a bizarre factoid, maybe especially because who's thought about Molly Ringwald in at least 10 years? Is she still even an employed actress? Anyway, the coworker hates Molly and was disappointed to learn this about the patron.

Anyway, there's my brush with local fame. Apparently the author still lives in Tacoma and is still single. And yeah, he's reasonably handsome, in that Bruce Campbell chiselled-jaw kinda way.

But he's no Cory.

And neither of them are JS.

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