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That's more like it...

Have now been quoted $615 for 6 months of insurance from State Farm. That seems more reasonable. I still haven't talked to allstate, but a $155 increase seems more reasonable than a 2.5X increase. So I feel less frantic now, although I still have the written driver's retest to take care of.

I attached the new WA license plates to my car. It gave me an excuse to buy a new socket/ratchet set, as I had no tools to remove the old bolts. And speaking of buying tools, I had a lovely gender disconnect shopping day on Sunday: I bought:

girly products to hold monthly Communist incursion at bay
toilet brush*
socket set
heavy duty stapler (ie a "posting fliers" staplegun)

*I view technology stuff as more stereotypically masculine, and anything that has to do with domesticity as more stereotypically feminine. Not that men are always slobs or anything, but 100% of the people I've met that have never bought a toilet brush (I am replacing my old one; so I don't belong to this group) are male. It's gotten to the point where I expect most men to not clean their toilet as the default, and if they actually do own a toilet brush and use it, I am pleasantly surprised.

On a totally different track:

I've been daydreaming about Vanuatu a lot lately. LJers that I used to work with might recall my fascination with this South Pacific land of shipwrecks, Cargo Cults, kava, Dugongs, 100 languages on 80 islands, including a national pidgin, land diving, and not to forget, a history of eating unwelcome European missionaries in the 19th century. It's been almost 10 years since I've been out of the country (excluding Canada, of course), and I'm itching to go somewhere that will really fuck with my worldview (rural America or western Europe will just not do it). By the time I have vacation hours saved up and the permission to use them, I may just have enough cash I can spend on going somewhere ridiculously far away where women routinely go topless but it's rude and scandalous to display your thighs and independence from French and British rule was only gained in the Reagan era.

Until then, I'll just brush up on my Bislama and see about some Scuba lessons.

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