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In which I bitch and fret about money and obstacles

Friday was my day off, since I was to work Saturday. Gee what fun it was.

For starters, I failed my driver's license written test by one question, so now I have to take it again. I've taken these tests in LA, CA, OH, and WA and this is the first time I've failed one. I know it's no big deal, but I feel shitty anyway- maybe some sort of gifted student angst about "failing"? I dunno. I even read most of the little Road Rules booklet. The random thing is that since it's a computer touch-screen test instead of an old-skool "written" test, I will likely get 20 new questions next time. When I took the practice test on my home computer, I passed with one to spare. Next time, who knows?

Then I called around for car insurance, as my old policy is expiring april 12, and what would have cost me $460.28 in Cols. for 6 months will cost me: $945 according to progressive and $1574, according to Geico. Progressive quoted me that allstate would be about $571 for similar coverage, so you can bet I'll be calling them on monday. granted, WA sea/tac is a higher risk area with the traffic and all, but what am I, a teenage boy? I've had 2 moving viols in the last 2 years (actually, 2 in 5 years, but I got them both in the last 2 years), but my insurer in Cols apparently didn't jack my rates much because of it. Apparently Geico spends all your premiums on lizard commercials.

Notice the $600+ diff btwn two quotes for the same coverage: I mean, fuck! $1500? for 2 (geico says 3 tickets ) in 5 years? Geico counts them weird: on my KY speedtrap ticket, the cops also ticketed ME for my passenger in the back seat not having a seatbelt on (nice law, eh?), so geico counts that as 2 "moving" violations instead of one.

On monday I'll be calling local insurers. I refuse to believe a paid-off car that I rarely even drive to work should suddenly cost OVER THREE TIMES what it did six months ago. And I know it's not the result of some 9/11 insurance-claims panic thing, because I got my renewal forwarded from my old address, and it's the above stated sane rate.

After this fun, I called my old Columbus landlord, since it's been 35 days since I handed him the keys and I don't have my deposit back yet. True, I broke the lease, BUT: 1) I told him about the move 6-8 weeks before my last day, 2) paid for the end of February even though I moved out on the 15th 3) cleaned the place. 4) the lease was up at the end of April, so it's only 2 months anyway. He had agreed that if he found a tenant to start in March, I could have my deposit back. No, I didn't get it in writing, though I wrote our verbal agreement out in my written notice that I was moving out.

So he found tenants for March, they gave him a deposit, and signed a lease. Before they moved in, they backed out of the lease. So he had to put the "For rent" sign out again, and the tenants he found after that aren't moving in til June. I think that since he did find tenants for March, he should give me my deposit and keep theirs, since they're the ones that caused him to stop advertising the property and broke the lease. Apparently the landlord's talking to a lawyer to see what to do, and I'll know next week, but I'm not feeling overly hopeful. Maybe he'll try to be a bastard and keep both deposits, since I'm presumably too far away to cause small-claims trouble and I don't have it in writing that he agreed to refund my deposit. Ironically, the amount of the deposit would more than pay for my car insurance at the old Columbus rate.

I did manage to register my car in WA and get new plates, which I can't put on because I don't own any wrenches, but this is the least of my troubles at the moment.

and yeah, the insurers don't know it's an art car. God only knows what that would do to the quotes.

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