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What an enjoyable and reasonably productive day. no work today, and Lemur was off as well, so we hit the thrifts in search of accoutrements for our respective apts. I got a nice "oriental" rug, which goes with the other three I have and will hopefully keep the cat hair from covering the wood floors as much as it has recently. Also got a hideously Rococco lamp (with busty maidens and an accordion player all sculpted into the base) that will help in my quest to decorate my apartment in brothel/opium den style. and for the more tacky upstairs, another big eyed waif painting for the hallway. Martha Stewart has got nothing on me..... :-)

Although it happened before Baltimore, I feel compelled to set this anecdote down so I can always remember it:

There is a group of 5 Christian boys that I know, who are in fact the only "cool" Christians I know, and about the only Christians around here I can relate to. They helped me move into this place in May (and I have a LOT of stuff), and then, last week, they agreed to help Sloppy Joe move out. Knowing that most people have a "one move per year per friend" rule, I was impressed at the selflessness they displayed in helping again so soon after, and wondered if the Christianity had anything to do with it. My telling this to Lemur concluded with the following comment:

"Yeah, they're helping me move -again-! You gotta love Christians! Well, no, actually you don't. But they gotta love you!"

heh heh heh. I owe those boys several beers by now.

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