Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

TV imitates TV

Many years ago on "Friends", there was a plot concerning Jellyfish stings and the folk wisdom that urine will wash out the venom. much hilarity ensued when Chandler had to pee on Monica's leg after a sting.

Tonight on Survivor, someone got stung my a sea urchin and starts yelling "I need someone to pee on my hand! Who needs to pee; Come here!". The victim was a nurse, but you have to wonder if he knew this because of "Friends" rather than because of medical training.

And speaking of, have you noticed how few "useful" wilderness-survival saavy professions are represented on Survivor? There was a doctor (Neurosugeon) and a river rafter on the first season, now we've got a nurse and a construction worker, which all seem like they'd have mad skillz, yo, that would help your team. There have also been chefs and farmers...and Bartenders. What is up with the Bartenders? there's one this time (Gabriel), there were 2 in Africa (Brandon and Silas- both on the same team), 1 in Australia (Kimmi)....nothing against bartenders in real life, but this seems like the most useless profession you could have in the wild. Well okay, there is a limo driver this time, which may be about the same as far as usefulness.

Next season, I want to see an all-Bartender tribe. vs the office worker/other non-wilderness savvy professions.

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