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yay! impending visitors!

Sunday Morning my friend LB called. She lives in a part of Northern Cali that is nowhere near the Bay area, and I haven't seen her in over a year. looks like she and her gentleman companion are coming to visit up here in the next 1-3 weeks. yay! company. Guess I need to finish unpacking those last few boxes and get the apt more or less in a finished state so they won't think I'm a total slob.

And if that wasn't good enough, I got a sly, matter of fact email from JS this morning asking if I might like a visit in mid April. Oh gee, I dunno, I think I'm busy that week. Har har. Still working out the details, and it looks like it'll just be a long weekend, but still, it's happy news.

A philosophical aside:

Why flowers are a metaphor for the human condition:

They are fragrant and beautiful, yet fragile and frail, and their symbolism often outweighs their inherent worth. And if you leave them on your dining room table, a cat stalks up and chews them into a withered mass of pulpy leaves.

Which is just a pretentious way of saying that flowers are even more ephemeral when you have a cat or two. frankly, I'm surprised they've lasted this long. They still smell nice and look (mostly) good, but when you get up close, you see the teeth marks and bruises on the petals. But think of it from the cat's point of view- she prolly thinks I'm nuts for keeping a salad in a glass vase.

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