Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Month six in Fiji update

So we made it this far. It's not what I thought it would be, exactly, but no huge surprises. We have experienced a burglary, absences of food and drink we loved in the PNW (alas Morningstar bacon, I'll see you again in June) and a shit-ton of rain but things are mostly okay. Don't know if we will last the whole 3 year contract but we're only 1/6 of the way through, so who can tell?

Hulu and netflix and proxy servers that make aforementioned think we are still in the US are keeping us sane. There is no indie rock here and no live music that isn't reggae or traditional island music. We are slowly making friends. We are perhaps the oddest people in Suva, not for our beliefs or musical tastes or clothes, but for the fact that we are a married couple with no children. Explaining that we got married when I was 39 does not help as that fails to explain what I did in my previous 20 years when I should have been raising 4-6 children.

If you want more detail read the blog (address posted in previous FL post). But things are good and we haven't broken down and freaked out yet. Yet.
Tags: big changes, fiji

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