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4th quarter books: all time low!

Okay, what did I do from October to December to make my book count the lowest it's been in the decade since I started doing this booklist? hmm, I dunno, MOVE HALFWAY ACROSS THE WORLD? Having my routine disrupted apparently affected my reading, not to mention no longer having access to the awesome Seattle Public Library.

non fiction:
1) The Miss Tutti Frutti Contest: Travel Tales of the South Pacific - Graeme Lay
nice sampler of SP travel anecdotes from NZ author. Covers bush beer drinking sessions and ladyboy beauty contests aside from the usual topics.

2) Best American travel writing 2004
Best piece was an obstinate dude that kept attempting to go off the beaten path in Myanmar with forged permits into restricted areas until he 1) realized he was endangering everyone he talked to and 2) got drugged at a bar and woke up with "Leave or die" written on his hands. other pieces good as well, even when old, this series rocks.

3) Sons Of The Profits Or, There's No Business Like Grow Business! The Seattle Story, 1851-1901 William Speidel
Waited til leaving Seattle after 10 years to finally read this because that's how I roll. Could have used tighter editing, but nice chatty history of the early days of Seattle. Unlike other history books, does not shy away from the salacious and snippy.

1) Read World War Z by Max Brooks again. so doesn't really count except I liked it, still.

2) Geek mafia by Rick Dakan - free ebook recommended by friends. kinda half revenge fantasy and Half Fight club's project Mayhem with nerd references. good concept marred by atrocious editing and continuity problems (reads like a NaNoWriMo project sometimes), but you could certainly do worse for free ebooks about nerd life. here's the link if you want it: http://manybooks.net/titles/dakanrother07Geek_Mafia.html . I liked it enough to want to read more by him. I would give him kickstarter money to hire an editor and clean up his existing titles, but I wouldn't pay the same price to buy hardcopies for my personal library simply because of the sloppy copy.
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