Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

fun with coincidence/six degrees

quelqueparte pointed out this nifty app that will do a six degrees of seperation thing between you and a random user. You can also use it for LJ users you know, but chances are if you know their names, they're either on your friends list or you recognize them from comments in other friends lists.

! Enter your username in the left box, someone
else's username (or a * for a random one) in the right box, and press the button!
-> Coded by sachmet

And something I was curious about, since I just had a birthday:

There are 38 people on my friends list; of those who have revealed their birth years, the oldest is 5 years older than me, and the youngest are 12 years younger. The really wacky thing, though, is that not only are there 2 people with this same birth year (as you might imagine, I don't have that many LJ or real life friends that are over 10 years younger than me, so this is interesting enough), but they have the -exact- same birthday. Whoa.

And speaking of, happy birthday palecur!

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