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Goodbye, Seattle

I'm moving to Fiji. Yes, really. Most everyone reading this already knows this from FB, but just in case...

I'll be working in an academic library there on a 3 year contract. Part of the reason for taking the job is the adventure, and the other part is the general suckiness of the job market for librarians here in Seattle. Over 2 years after my 2010 layoff, I have yet to obtain a FT permanent job, despite working two different short term (6-9 months) gigs that did not lead to permanent positions. So if I have to move to find career-level work, why the hell not go somewhere exotic?

Yes, Paul is coming with me. No, the cats aren't. We found them a new home with a friend I've known for a decade, and while I miss them terribly, it's what was best for them. They'd have been uprooted anyway if we had to sell the house when my unemployment ran out, which was beginning to look like a real possibility. Quarantine procedures precluded them coming with us.

I sold the art car. We're selling the house (have an offer, and it's currently in the inspection stage). I've divested myself of lots of stuff (though to be fair I still probably own 10x the amount of books/LPs/CDs as the average Fijian) and am preparing for the movers to come (supposedly this week, but that's a long story and may not happen on schedule) pack up all our crap and put it on a boat to reach us in 6 weeks. I will be moving into a furnished place but will basically be living out of a suitcase with only my laptop for entertainment for the first month.

I'm excited and scared. What if I hate the job? What if my apartment has mildew, or bedbugs, or mildewbugs? What if Paul hates it? I am trying not to dwell on the what if scary parts, but let's just say this last week was the worst possible time (biologically speaking) to be dealing with things that provoke an emotional response. I'm better now, honest.

Supposedly Suva has reliable internet, and I'll be on a campus with lots of wifi should the apartment DSL fail to live up to US standards. But it will be a far cry from having free wifi at any Burger King or Starbucks, notably because Fiji does not yet have either a Burger King or a Starbucks (there are 2 McDonalds on our island though).

I'll still check in here from time to time, though I'm mostly on FB these days. If you have any questions about daily life in the capital city, I'll probably be able to answer them in a few weeks.
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