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plate of shrimp (and then some)...

so this was two things: an amazing weekend, and a"plate of shrimp" orgy. If you don't know the reference to "plate of shrimp", go rent "Repo Man" right now. That's okay, I'll wait.

okay, good. You follow instructions, I like that. so now the rest will make sense...

the amazing weekend part, which is not "plate of shrimp", but still cool:

I had a fantastic time at artscape in Balto. I spent most of my "free time", whatever that is, hanging out with a group of other artcartists, and I felt that I was"home", being among people who understood the whys and wherefores of "why'd you do that to your car" and all that. It was liberating. Even though we're all "young" by the general demographics of cartists, I out-chronolog them all by 6-8 years, and my unease at feeling like the oldster among their much more exuberant youth was pretty much negated by the fun I had hanging out and exchanging non-sequiturs with them. I know my chrono age is not that old, but sometimes I feel that way, knowing that when I was that age, I no longer owned a car, and probably wouldn't have had the nerve to customize it even if I had owned one. so I admire them very much in the here and now, while at the same time regretting that I wasn't more like them at that time in my life.

I was also invigorated by the lovely evening I had on Saturday night/Sunday morning, which did nothing to lower my purity test score, (cough cough {/reference to person whose score is single digit} :-) ) but was still a highlight of the weekend. Odd that that type of thing seems to happen to me only now that I've left SF, whereas conventional wisdom would think it'd be the opposite, but whatever. and we coined a new acronym (WHIT) for the first half of the evening, which is wonderfully appropriate, but I'm too shy and/or refined {hah!} to explicate it for those who weren't there. :-)

now, the plate of shrimp:

(cue annoying standup comedy voice:)
"You know you're having a plate of shrimp weekend when:"

Within 48 hours, two separate groups of people that barely know of each other both mention "Manos, Hands of Fate" (in relation to MST2K) to you.

You visit Divine's grave in Baltimore and discover that hir death date coincides exactly with your birthday.

You realize that of the 3 times you've been in Baltimore, two of those times you've had some odd encounter with an intriguing guy that ultimately results in temporary, non- serious, but noticeable, trauma to your neck.

You meet the husband of a kindred spirit and realize that not only is he also a kindred spirit, but that in high school 10 + years ago, he lived in the same town as, and had mutual friends with, a guy (we'll call him SE) that was not only your boyfriend 8 years ago, but is the exact same guy you kissed in Baltimore in above referenced weird neck-trauma situation (SE, that is, not the husband of Kindred spirit).

This is how that happened: I dated SE and it began 8 years ago (it lasted about 3 years). I met him elsewhere, but it wasn't until a (somewhat) chance encounter in Balto (neutral turf) that we really hooked up (and from whence my neck suffered a slight contusion). It was a long distance thing for the first year, so I never hung out with his friends for more than a weekend at a time every 6 weeks or so. in the years to follow, I would hear all his stories, meet his oldest bestest friend, W, and feel as though I knew all the people I'd heard tales about due to his excellent storytelling ability. this is one of those things about long distance relationships; you talk and write and email so much, you hear more anecdotes from your SO in 3 months than some people hear in a year in a traditional relationship.

Flash forward to July 2001; I meet an artist and kindred spirit in Balto, who I know vaguely thru reputation, but not personally, and her husband (KSH). It takes a while to make the connection, but not only was KSH a close friend of W (mentioned above; pay attention; this gets complex), W also designed one of his tattoos. W and SE were close at the same time W and KSH were close, and it was only due to KSH's being occupied with other things and not living in the area that I never met him thru SE and W, although I had heard an embarrassing story about him, which he laughed at with grace when I relayed it to him this weekend. Basically, I finally met KSH 8 years after hearing stories about him from SE, and the only reaction is to say "Plate of shrimp" and smile.

But besides the plate-of-shrimp freakout factor, compounded by the fact that KSH and his wife, KS, are the second people to mention "Manos, hands of fate" to me in a 48 hour period, I really dig hanging out with KSH and KS, and I have an excellent time being around them. I am very sorry when I have to leave Balto on tuesday afternoon. KS and KSH are way cool people, and I thank the circumstances that allowed me to encounter them. after reminiscing with KSH and female-bonding with KS, I feel like I've known them for years, not days. I hope to see them again soon, but who knows when that'll be? if they're reading this, they should recall that I was serious when I said they are welcome in the Cowtown anytime. :-}

So once again, Charm City works its magic. the grueling drive I had, and the 968 miles I put on my car that weekend were totally worth it. and I barely mentioned the part about visiting Divine's grave and taking photos (to be uploaded later...)

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